Buy Alfonso Soriano’s Stupid Loaded Hummer For $36,000 [PHOTOS]

If you were frequenting blogs back in 2009, there’s a good chance you are aware of the Alfonso Soriano blue 2005 Hummer H2 that captivated men who make a working wage. You remember the Soriano Hummer because of the $100k+ he spent on customization.

You remember the Hummer because of the speaker wall that blocked the back window of the ride. Now you can buy that Hummer, minus a few of the customizations, via eBay auction, for $36,000.

From what we can tell, the wall of speakers that made the ride famous are gone.

Original customization:

Now: (notice how you can see through to the garage door)


The seller says the hood cover was removed, but he has it. The speaker wall, however, was sold.

It also seems that the hood cover that read “Soriano” is gone. However, you can see that the Hummer still sports the A&S letters where the H2 would go and on the grill you get the Soriano “S.”

According to the sellers, the Hummer is: supercharged,  has an incredible sound system, DVD & TVs,  24″ Dub Spinner with Pirelli Tires.

Still, it’s a panty dropper. Of course girls want to ride in a blue Hummer. Of course girls in Chicago will be lusting to ride in Soriano’s old ride.

Is it worth $36,000? Not without the speakers.

[Buy Alfonso Soriano’s Blue Hummer – eBay]