Purdue Grad Stabs Guy In Bathroom At Chicago Purdue Bar, Is Arrested, Craps Into His Hands, Police Allege

We received an email dispatch from Tarak C. this morning: “Take a look at this article. It seems the arrested person from his Facebook went to Purdue.” We opened the link to find that a guy named Gregg Greaves had a helluva horrible weekend in Chicago at the Purdue bar, the Red Ivy, in Wrigleyville.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

At 12:26 a.m. Sunday, officers were called to the Red Ivy sports bar at 3525 N. Clark St., where the victim told officers Greaves jumped out of a bathroom stall and attacked him with a broken beer bottle, cutting him in the neck, according to a police report.

The victim also suffered cuts on his chin, hands and neck while pushing the assailant away.

Greaves was arrested, charged with felony aggravated battery and shipped to a Chicago jail. But that’s where things got interesting. Greaves decided to go HAM with a deuce that was brewing.

Greaves refused to wear his pants and yelled obscenities while being processed at a police station. Also, while being processed, the man defecated into his hands and threw the matter onto the floor of the station, the report stated.

There’s no word if Pepsi, Gregg’s employer, has fired him yet. Of course he’s innocent until proven guilty on the felony charge. However, the deuce situation is a whole other matter.

Something tells us Gregg will be a dimepiece in the Illinois penal system.

[Police: Charges filed after Wrigleyville stabbing]

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