Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Is Sarah Savage [PHOTOS]

Say hello to Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend, Sarah Savage. Yes, she’s a Texas A&M student (a senior) and she has a background in modeling. Ms. Savage this weekend uploaded several photos of her and Mr. Heisman enjoying a romantic visit to New York and there are even a couple photos with the Heisman.

Savage, a marketing student, proclaimed “Unforgettable night,” on Instagram showing the happy couple in a hotel room with the Heisman. Savage also has photos with “Football” at the Rockefeller tree, in Central Park and on one of those cheesy bus tours the Europeans love.

News that Johnny has a girlfriend smacked us up side the head because we’ve been calling this guy the college version of Rob Gronkowski. Gronk doesn’t believe in serious relationships, especially relationships when you could go nuts in New York after winning the Heisman.

We figured there was no way a freshman would be dating an older woman who models Texas A&M gear around College Station.

When did this happen?

Remember Halloween night? Manziel going HAM on chicks in lingerie? What happened to that Johnny? We don’t want the guy who’s snuggling on a Grayline bus on 5th Ave.

According to Savage’s modeling bio, she was “selected as a featured model for Double D Ranch. Sarah is a top model that has worked numerous runway shows and continues to enjoy working as a successful model with a bright future!”

Likely figuring she’s about to become fairly famous, Savage has locked her Twitter account.

Are you inside the Savage-Manziel circle of friends? Do you know Sarah and have some stories to share? We’re all ears.

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