Down Syndrome Kid Scotty Lubkerman Sinking A 3-Pointer Is A Tear Jerker; Did He Travel? [VIDEO]


MSN, USA Today and every other major news outlet in the country is going nuts over the heartwarming story of Scotty Lubkerman. Don’t know the name?

Well, Scotty is a high school student in Golden, Colorado who happens to have Down Syndrome. Long story short is that Scotty got put into the end of Golden High School’s basketball game over the weekend and he knocked down a three pointer.

Great story, don’t get us wrong, but look closely. Right around the :42 second mark, Scotty receives a pass at the top of the key. He steps back to make sure he is behind the 3-point line before jacking up and hitting the three. When he stepped back we saw a little bit of a foot shuffle.

Did Scotty travel? Did the ref let him get away with one?

The YouTube community, with comments like these, certainly thinks so:

Where is the defense ? God damn, so that’s the american level in high school?


He traveled.

Great way to show him that he is different…

YouTube has spoken. Looks like traveling to us.

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