College Station Pizza Joint Sells Johnny Football Heisman Pizza [PHOTOS]


How exactly did only one pizza joint in College Station, Texas have the idea over the weekend to make a Johnny Heisman pepperoni pizza and then turn it into a mini-viral campaign? Come on, College Station pizza joints, you can’t be letting a Hungry Howie’s beat you to this idea.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

Hungry Howie’s Pizza AggieLand commemorated Manziel’s historic Heisman victory by making pepperoni pizzas in the shape of the bronze Heisman statue.

“It was extremely popular and overwhelming,” an employee who answered the phone said Saturday night.

We talked to one of the Hungry Howie’s workers at the Aggieland location who said he’s pretty sure that “general manager David is still making them.”

The price for one of the pies? The Howie’s employee said somewhere between $20 to $25. Too high? It depends on how bad you’re jonesing for a Johnny Heisman pie. Keep in mind, you’re also paying for artistry.

The guy we talked to promised David would be in later to chat about the five pizzas we’re thinking of ordering.

[Hungry Howie’s Aggieland – Facebook]



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