Aaron Rodgers’ Black Thong Made An Appearance On Sunday Night Football [Morning Twitpics]


What did we learn last night during the Lions-Packers game? Aaron Rodgers wears a thong during games. We also learned that Lambeau Field has a heating system that will melt snow on impact. This has to be one of the big travesties in NFL history. It’ll take a blizzard to ever have a snow game at Lambeau.

So long, Frozen Tundra.

[Packers’ frozen-tundra mystique melts with turf-heating system]


In New York, the post is praising the Giants and just waiting in the weeds to jump on the Jets bandwagon. Their last three games: at Tennessee, a home game against the Chargers and at Buffalo. The season isn’t over yet because Cincinnati and Pittsburgh can’t win a game in December.

Finally, who has two middle fingers and got both of them on the CBS broadcast at the Titans-Colts game? This guy.

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