Emailer: Pay Me $5k-10k For Info On Chipper Jones’ Girlfriend

You see the tip box in the upper left corner of Busted Coverage. It is a blessing and home to some of the biggest wackjobs on the Internet. This morning, via one message, it was a mixture of both. You might remember last week how we broke the story that Chipper Jones got divorced and started dating a Playboy model all while ending his baseball career.

It was the type of story where the new girlfriend rises from the ashes of getting naked on rooftops and in showers for Playboy photographers, to dating a guy who made $168 million during his career. Taylor Higgins dating and hunting with Chipper Jones is an all-American story.

That means she has enemies and one came out of the woodwork this morning via that BC tip box.

Some woman named Crystal Skipper thought it was her lucky day to cash in and wanted us to pay a significant amount of money for some sort of dirt on Higgins-Jones.

Here’s our exchange with Skipper.

Crystal wasted little time making her first reference to the “National Enquiry.”

I told Crystal that the information would have to be some sort of crazy shit before the BC team would wire her cash. Lexi Rae (Higgins’ Playboy name) is already naked all over the Internet, so Skipper would need to hit a home run to get paid.

At that point, I asked Crystal how much it would take to get this worthless information. “How much would you be willing to pay?” she asked. I told her to tell me what she wanted for the worthless information.

Helluva tactic. How does one negotiate with a gossip terrorist who would hold me hostage against the National Enquiry?

Hell yes I asked for a preview of the pictures in this $5k package.

There you go, another day of negotiating with gossip terrorists is over without a deal on those Hooters photos and the name of the dive bar where she met Chipper.

And here we were going to offer Crystal $12.97 and a Busted Coverage t-shirt.