It’s All Fun & Games Until Some Raiders Baby Challenges You To A Fan Fight [Morning Twitpics]


This little girl can’t read what’s on her shirt, doesn’t care what’s on her shirt, but will always have this photo to remind her when she first started hating the Raiders. There she was last night at Stoney’s Bar & Grill in Denver signaling touchdown and trying to figure out why people kept high-fiving her.

Good work, kid. Now all you need is a Twitter account to talk shit to Raiders fans. By the way, the Broncos won, 26-13.


In NBA 2K12 news, Jack Taylor can suck it. Quick math tells us that Mr. Phillips shot 81% from the field and 3-point range. Looks like the Knicks will be working on defense this afternoon at practice.

(via @Phil_Colins)

Who’s better: RG3 or Unitas? Who’s better: RG3 or Marino? Who’s better: RG3 or Montana? Who’s better: RG3 or Tarkenton?

If you’re not familiar yet with the new style of SportsCenter-ing, ESPN takes young player who is selling the most jerseys in the NFL and pits that player against a legend that older white people consider a hero. Then, you guys freak out, tweet at ESPN, tell them they’re idiots and you stay glued to the TV. It’s a science, people.

Troll on, ESPN. Troll on.

Finally, let’s make a visit with the NY Post headline writers. Did someone say FDNY sex-twist scandal? I’m all in.

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