Former Miss USA Kimberly Pressler Is Back For ESPN Bowling Sideline Job [PHOTOS]

99.9% of you have no idea who Kimberly Pressler is. That same percentage have no clue she’ll be ESPN’s sideline reporter Sunday for the World Series of Bowling event in Las Vegas. That same percentage of you wouldn’t normally watch bowling while the NFL is on. So set your DVR now – Sunday, 1 p.m. EST; ESPN.

Gentlemen, name another ESPN sideline reporter who just posted a photo from a bikini calendar shoot to her Facebook account? (Pressler scrapped the 2013 calendar, but left fans with what you see above.)

You can’t.

But Pressler did.

Name another ESPN sideline reporter that was Miss USA. You can’t.

But Pressler was in 1999.

Shockingly, Pressler has been handling the World Series of Bowling sideline duties since 2010 and the PBA didn’t come knocking on our door with a bio for the hottest sideline reporter in bowling history. Guys, seriously, you promote your sideline reporter and not the fat dudes rolling strikes.

The more we learn about Pressler, the more we can’t believe she isn’t working college football. At least throw her on a Tuesday/Wednesday MAC game in late November. She’s a dream come true for straight, red-blooded American men.

The Pressler Bio:

• Once worked in nuclear plant

• Drinks beer

• Shoots guns

• Gambles

• Loves the Buffalo Bills

• X-Games sideline reporter

• Yankees fan

• Reportedly dated Fred Durst (it was 1999, though)

Reportedly dated Tommy Lee, too

Look, we can overlook the Durst, and possibly the Tommy Lee, thing and still be in love with Pressler. There’s a statue of limitations on bad relationship choices.

Did we mention she live tweets Bills games? We’re officially smitten.

UPDATE: Pressler tells us she’s signed to work the January Chris Paul charity bowling event and there might be other shows after that.

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