Johnny Manziel & Manti Te’o Fight Over Who’ll Pay Baggage Fee For Heisman


Nope, it won’t fit under the seat. You flying Spirit? Have fun paying the carry-on fee.

One of the Heisman trophy winners landed this afternoon in New York City aboard a JetBlue flight. It’s unclear if Manti Te’o and Johnny Manziel knew that they’d be photographed holding the Heisman on a nondescript plane. They look stunned.

We’re kinda stunned. Was this planned? It doesn’t look like it. If so, it’s a horrible marketing plan. No JetBlue logos in the photos? Fail.

Anyway, Manziel is now a 1/15 favorite to win the trophy and pay the baggage fees.

[@JManziel2]   [@JetBlue]

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