Oh, Look, Arkansas State’s Head Coaching Job Is On Craig’s List

The Arkansas State faithful are following in Tennessee’s footsteps and have posted their head coaching vacancy on Craigslist. As far as we know this post has not been flagged for removal yet so if anybody is interested in applying, here is the Craigslist listing.

The highlights:

  • We like scoring almost as much as Petrino does
  • Candidate should also come equipped with a catch phrase, Ex: “Feel the Freeze, Get on the Gus Bus.”
  • Compensation: Pretty low- That’s why everyone else has left us. Duh.

Looks like the Red Wolves faithful are starting to get weary about their upcoming showdown with #25 Kent State in the GoDaddy.com Bowl. After all, how do you replace this guy?

We’ll give it two weeks until Eagles, Chargers and Bills fans start posting ads like this thinking they’re being clever.

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