Mark Cuban Caught Up On Sleep While The Mavs Were Getting Slapped Around By Clippers [Morning Twitpics]


And here I didn’t think anyone still wore those non-collared shirts with buttons. Just Cubes being Cubes, right? Mark’s team is now 2-7 on the road. Meanwhile, last light I watched a DVR of Shark Tank where Cubes bought part of a Christmas tree farm. His NBA team is struggling and Cubes is investing in a six-week per year business.

What the hell is going on with this guy?

Meanwhile, the New York subway killer gets his 15 minutes of fame on the Post cover. At least they didn’t run a burst showing the Asian dude about to die.

As for what’s going on in DeKalb, Illinois, the school last night held some sort of rally where this Kirk Herbstreit GameDay sign made an appearance.

Need an Orange Bowl ticket? They shouldn’t be hard to score. Florida State is selling its allotment of 17,500 tickets at a 50% discount. $37.50 will get you into the game.


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