Florida State Using T&A To Recruit Prized Basketball Player Andrew Wiggins


There’s a high school basketball player named Andrew Wiggins. Every college program in the nation wants him – badly. To be honest, I’d never heard of the kid before a group of Florida State girls formed a diamond circle around him in Tallahassee.

The list of schools the 6-7 Canadian (yes, Canadian) is considering: Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State and Syracuse. He’s considered the #1 recruit for 2013, has his own Wikipedia page and turns Florida State sorority girls into melted butter.

Here’s @NosillaDraw in action:

@22wiggins If my girls and I didn’t convince you to come to FSU last night I don’t know what would! #wiggins #FSU

She later added,

Haters gon hate. @22wiggins gon pick Florida State. #BBN fans gon … marinate.

And that’s all you need to know about the state of recruiting one-and-done college players. Fans, students, sorority girls and people on Twitter turn into complete morons.

Here are the girls concocting some sort of sorority gang sign around Wiggins.

Wiggins was still in town last night for Florida State’s game against Florida that turned into a 72-47 curb-stomping of the Seminoles. The big highlight of the night for FSU students?

Mitchell Wiggins, Andrew’s father, played for Florida State before being drafted by the Pacers and spending his career bouncing from the NBA to lesser leagues around the world.

Like we said, Florida State couldn’t throw enough T&A in Wiggins’ face.

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