Chipper Jones Is Dating NSFW Playboy Cam Model Lexi Ray [PHOTOS]

Chipper Jones has a new girlfriend named Taylor Higgins. Some of you know her as Playboy model Lexi Ray, a “Coed” who specialized in naked shower videos and your run-of-the-mill naked photo shoots. Chipper, officially divorced November 16, wasted little time finding a lovely young lady to enjoy retirement with.

Jones tweeted this the day divorce from his wife (second marriage) of 12 years, Sharon Logonov, was finalized.

Divorce finalized….had great time with ex-teammates and friends last nite. Happy 18th anny, Tongue and Groove! Keep doing your thang!

Chipper had three sons with Logonov; his first marriage ended when he cheated on his wife with a Hooters waitress, which produced a son. Look, we all have our faults.

That brings us to Larry’s latest relationship. Ms. Higgins once attended the University of Kentucky (NSFW link-age) and at some point changed her Internet name to Lexi Ray Taylor. She does a stint as a pretty busy low-level Playboy model, doing the “college girl” thing.

Her model Twitter account @LexiRay21 was active until July 25. We’ll assume Larry gave her these seats where the WAGs usually sit at Braves games for the July 30 game. And Larry had the best retirement gift his baseball career could possibly give him: a naked cam girl (NSFW).

According to her naked cam model site:

Five Things I Can’t Live Without:

candy, girls night out, white chocolate covered pretzels, my best friend and the number five spot is open so just maybe it could be you? ;)

Seriously, this guy went out and purchased a gift that no opposing team could buy – a divorce. Then, he trades in the old worn out wife on a 20-something Playboy chick with giant implants and a sex drive. You know what the Astros gave the guy? A Stetson hat. F-that.

Good for Larry. The guy busted his ass over a 19-year career, turned 40 this year, got a little fat before Spring Training and decided it was time to upgrade in the chick department. The guy will be fine financially after paying off the second wife.

He only made $168,552,133 during his career.

Play on, Larry, you earned every minute of it.

Ever get a cam show from Lexi Ray? Want to give us a review of how well she performs on camera? We’re all ears.

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Update: Our report led to a story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. As you can see, the online editors thought it was a fairly important report.