Jeff Driskel & Cheerleader Girlfriend Tarin Moses Killing Frogs [PHOTOS]

Know of any frog giggin’ SEC quarterbacks who go frog giggin’ with their SEC cheerleader girlfriends? Now you do. The Jeff Driskel and Tarin Moses Frog Giggin’ Date Night went down on Saturday while Alabama was celebrating the SEC Championship.

We first heard early last week that Moses had scheduled a date night with Jeff and was taking him giggin’. Jeff, a rookie gigger, seems like the kind of SEC quarterback who’ll do whatever it takes to keep his SEC cheerleader girlfriend happy.

And then it actually went down. The weather cooperated. Jeff killed a frog with a spear. Tarin killed a frog with a spear. Just like that, they knocked frog giggin’ off the relationship firsts list.

Tarin sent us a brief dispatch on how the hunt went.

It was really cold but we got a few (.)

We have no idea who the guy is with Driskel, but Tarin says that’s Jeff’s first kill.

Looks like these kids are going to stay together a long, long time.