Browns Fan Wearing Toddler Tassel Hat Wants All The Money Up In This Cash Advance Store

Are you out of work, behind on your house payments, the electric is about to be shut off and you need to pay for a divorce? Getting out of debt could be easy. Do you know this bank robber? Would you consider turning on your homeboy, but don’t have the nerves to rat? Let us help you. We’ll turn on your homeboy. And split the reward money with you! It’s a win-win.


About 10:53 a.m., Niles police responded to a 911 call for a robbery at National Cash Advance on Youngstown Warren Road in Niles.

Niles police Capt. Ken Criswell said the suspect is a black male in his 20s or 30s, wearing a light gray / white hoodie. He also was wearing a hat with flaps or tassels hanging down.

The suspect said he wanted to get a money order before declaring, “This is a robbery,” according to Criswell.

Now, this Browns tassel hat would’ve gotten by most sports blogs. Not us. That thing smacked us in the face for a simple reason: Who wears a kids tassel hat during a robbery, especially the kids version?

Look at that thing. It’s like a medium shirt on a fat guy – snug.

How does a bank robber lose instant street cred? By wearing one of these during a holdup.

[HT: Trib Today]

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