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Samantha Steele Engaged To Christian Ponder

Samantha Steele is engaged to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, according to Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch. You might remember that Ponder, 24, and Steele, 26, reportedly began dating late this summer before Steele assumed the job as ESPN’s next great sideline reporter.

Deitsch tweets:

Spoke to ESPN’s @Samantha_Steele today. She confirms she is engaged to @VikingsFootball quarterback Christian Ponder.

It was in October that we were tipped off that the couple couldn’t stop tweeting like high schoolers. That was October 17. Less than eight weeks later, they’re engaged.

Of course we’ll have our eyes peeled for the wedding registry.

In a shocking twist, says the engagement went like this:

According to a source close to Steele, Ponder proposed with Christmas lights made out to say, “Marry Me.” Steele accepted, and now has an engagement ring that our source says, “Looks like a Super Bowl ring.” Ironic, considering Ponder will probably never get one.

Sounds like love to us.


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