Even Northern Illinois Gas Stations Telling ESPN To Suck It [Morning Twitpics]


It’s unclear who snapped this gem in, we’ll assume DeKalb, Illinois, so we’ll credit @sdlnzr06 on this one. You have to love a gas station that’ll tell ESPN to suck it. In an ironic twist, Marathon sponsored the MAC Championship game. It’s unclear whether the above message is Marathon’s corporate stance on ESPN or if this is just the work of a rogue Marathon sign editor.

As for how big of a deal this BCS gig is in 42,000 resident DeKalb, just ask the NIU bookstore business manager. β€œIt’s a big flipping deal,” she told the DeKalb newspaper. Yes, it’s a big flipping deal.

In other Northern news, ESPN is still working out the kinks on the order the NIU letters. Give them time. They have a few weeks. UNI would be the University of Northern Iowa. It’s a good thing they didn’t make the BCS. Herbstreit might’ve blown his frosted tips top.


In NFL news, are you still debating whether to get on the RGIII bandwagon? What in the hell are you waiting for? The guy set a new rookie QB rushing record (has 707 yards) and beat the Giants, 17-16. The Giants had won 26 consecutive games when leading at half – until last night.

Griffmas, indeed.


In wrestling news, the Ghost of Ultimate Warrior has been working on the pipes. Who hits the gym in jeans? This guy.

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Finally, that’s not how you want to make the cover of the NY Post.

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