Who Is This ‘Kanas State’ That ESPN Speaks Of? [Morning Twitpics]


I guess Kanas State must’ve had a helluva year to get to the Fiesta Bowl. We’d never heard of that school until ESPN’s BCS selection show. Is this a fail that’ll get an intern fired? Probably not, since so few people even care about Kansas State and Calvin Klein.

Remember what we said on Friday about Northern Illinois and the MAC? The conference went about its business, didn’t bitch for 13 weeks about how it deserves a BCS game and then Northern gets to the Orange Bowl. Big wins on NIU’s resume: Toledo, Kansas and Kent State. Big loss: Iowa (who finished 4-8 and lost to Central Michigan).

While other schools are forced to jump to a new conference to finance expanding athletic budgets, the MAC is perfectly positioned to keep grabbing bowl games. MAC schools will be playing in seven bowl games. That says all you need to know about college football in 2012.

That said, here’s a Northern fan with a message for the haters. Get your sunscreen, whiteboys.

In NFL news, Charlie Batch ‘managed’ not to f-up the Steelers season yesterday in Baltimore. Shame on the Ravens for losing to a guy who can barely tie his shoes. Meanwhile, Joe Flacco really stepped up in a big game.

Pull it together, Batch.

Finally, your NY Post covers the morning after Greg McElroy wins a game for the Jets. Look at Broadway Greg looking like Namath. This is the NY Post’s dream coming true.

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