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The Nick Lachey Chargers-Bengals Ejection Video

We now have video of Nick Lachey being ejected from yesterday’s Chargers-Bengals game thanks to the work of Jack Murphy’s infamous Elite Security. You might remember this morning how we showed you Lachey pounding Bud Light bottles, which probably didn’t help when Chargers fans started running their mouths.

Skinny Jessica Simpson’s ex has continued his Twitter campaign to tell his side of the story, which doesn’t really matter, but provides for good content, so here you go.

Look, the guy had the balls to talk smack as an opposing fan who stuck a finger in his face. The real story here is that Lachey doesn’t have the connections to get suite tickets from Mike Brown.

Were you there when Lachey started running his mouth with Chargers fan? Did Lachey say something mean about Norv Turner? Phil Rivers? We want to hear your story.


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