Rodney Peete, Summer Sanders & NFL Homegating Bring The Tailgate Experience To Your Own Backyard


We got a shout from the NFL last week inviting us out to their Homegating 2012 launch party at the Arlington Club Steakhouse in Manhattan. Free drinks, food, football and a meet and greet with Summer Sanders and Rodney and Holly Peete? Hell yes!

The NFL has realized that more and more fans have been taking their NFL experience home. With the cost of attending and experiencing an NFL game in person on the rise, this is the perfect chance to take advantage of all the awesome products the NFL is offering with their Homegating line. They have created eight different Homegating personalities as part of the new digital campaign, which the NFL has broken down into game-day specific roles.

  • The Master of Ceremonies
  • The Decor-dinator
  • The Couch Defender
  • The Dipping Back
  • The Equipment Manager
  • The Party Ref
  • The Grill Captain
  • The Sandwicheer

Each of these roles has specific products designed for them, each essential to provide the ideal Homegating experience for you and your friends. Best part is that each product is able to be fully customized to your favorite team. FYI Rodney Peete was ‘The Couch Defender’, Holly Peete was ‘The Master of Ceremonies’ and Summer Sanders was ‘The Decor-dinator’.

Check out the full NFL Shop Homegating section. Trust us, you’ll have more than enough items here to provide your mom/wife with enough gift ideas for the next three Christmases.

We also got a chance to sit down with Rodney Peete, his wife Holly and former Olympian and TV personality Summer Sanders. Here are the highlights from our talk with Rodney.

BC: Being in New York, there is obviously a lot of media attention on the Jets. I was curious, do you think Tim Tebow deserves at least a shot now?

Rodney: My opinion on that is that it was a bad situation from the start when he came here. I think that 99% of people that are close to football agree that the last person you should create controversy for is your quarterback…and they did that when they signed him. Whether he should play or not right now, you gotta look at whether or not he can handle playing in this offense or starting in this offense. The way they’re playing you would think he would be in there already, but unfortunately he’s not. There’s either something they’re seeing in practice or something they’re seeing in meetings or something they know about him that’s not allowing him to be a starter on this team.

BC: How did you spend your Sunday’s when you were out at USC?

Rodney: When I was at USC, the Raiders were playing at the Coliseum. It was a good situation. We would go from being in school, then having Sunday’s off and going over to the Raiders game and be a part of the whole tailgating experience.

BC: Do you have any cool, funny or crazy party stories from your USC days that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Rodney: Aw, no! Not that I can put out there man!

BC: Figured it was worth a shot…

Rodney: It’s all good, it’s all good. I can tell you this. When I was at USC, Marcus Allen was with the Raiders…and we were very good friends. I’ll leave it at that.

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