Chat With Ric Flair On Phone For $495; Video Chat For $995!


Don’t worry guys, we’ve found the perfect gift for that token wrestling nerd on your holiday shopping list. The Nature Boy Ric Flair is generous enough to give up five minutes out of his (not so) busy schedule for the low price of $495 for a private, personal phone call. Feel like┬ásplurging? Treat that special someone to a video call for only $500 more!

Here are the details on the phone call:

Not good enough for your annoying nephew? Here’s the scoop on the video call, because who doesn’t want to Skype with Ric Flair’s old, wrinkly ass:

The fact that Flair still thinks he is relevant enough to charge $1,000 for a five-minute Skype session speaks volumes on his current mental state. Maybe the repeated blows to the head from his wife are finally starting to take their toll.

Check out a few bonus insanely overpriced items from The Nature Boy’s online store below:


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