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James Brown About To Do What On Lily Aldridge’s Dress? What Did Shannon Sharpe Say? [VIDEO]

Listen very closely to what Shannon Sharpe says to James Brown as Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge joined the CBS pregame show set. “You’re about to cum on Lily’s dress, JB,” says Sharpe.

That’s exactly what that mongloid said. Again, listen carefully. Rewind. Re-watch.  And that’s how an outdated Sunday pregame show goes ‘viral.’ Good work, Sharpe. As for JB, let’s hope he at least offered to buy Lily’s dress – and underwear.

(Lily, 26, already has a child with that Kings of Leon dude Caleb Followill.)

Want to catch the Victoria’s Secret show? It’s on CBS Tuesday at 10 EST.

[HT @cfbsection]

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