Dan Patrick Wants Details On Matt Barkley’s Upcoming Engagement To Brittany Langdon [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

‘Tell the Song Girls we said hello. We love them.’ This interview is just another instance of Dan Patrick keeping it real. Things like this are the reason ESPN had to cut ties with DP. He’s more than willing to say whatever he wants whenever he wants, even if that means berating a college kid about when he’s going to propose to his smoke-show of a girlfriend.

We can’t blame Patrick for asking the tough question over and over again in this interview. We first heard about his girlfriend, Brittany Langdon, back in February and we’ve been looking forward to the face-time ESPN will be giving her in the NFL Draft green room come April. Here’s what we learned:

  • Barkley plans on getting married to Langdon…eventually
  • Not engaged yet
  • Will keep all things USC out of the ceremnoy, i.e. Song Girls, band, football

To top off the whole interview, DP wishes Barkley good luck in Jacksonville next year. Boom.


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