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Bama Cheerleaders Of The SEC Championship: Macie [PHOTOS]

While other sports blogs are busy telling you the ‘Top 5 Reasons Bama’s Defense Will Stuff Aaron Murray In The SEC Championship,’ Busted Coverage has been busy compiling info that BC readers really care about – the cheerleaders. Verne Lundquist loves this stuff. He and Danielson have the Xs & Os perfected, but need an editorial team to provide cheerleader intel.

So we get SEC Championship day started with Alabama cheerleader Macie.

• First-year Bama cheerleader

• Transferred from community college

• ‘LIKES’ AJ McCarron For Heisman

• ‘LIKES’ Rascal Flatts

• Yes, she realizes she has squirrel cheeks

• Has 400 Twitter followers @macooley27

Is in love with Matt Ryan

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