Watch First Take On ESPN2 & Become A Confused Moron By The Day [Morning Twitpics]


I’m going with NO on this question. Just think of how long the producers have to get this garbage correct. The answer is hours while Skip Bayless figures out which teams and players he’ll troll on any given day. Who watches First Take? Unemployed, black people, white trash who watch wrasslin’ and people who wouldn’t realize this Twitter question is a fail.

Someone can turn out the lights on the New Orleans Saints. At 5-7 their year is over, while the Falcons (11-1) are on their way to home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Even a December 16 home game against the Giants (7-4) shouldn’t matter in the home-field conversation.

At least Saints fan has a sense of humor about the 2012 debacle.

via @erin960

As for your morning NY Post covers, Fat Derek Jeter is outed by the sports department.

Finally, let’s pick on ESPN one more time this morning. That’s not Charlie Strong and that’s not the Auburn logo. Kudos, interns.

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