MLB All-Time Fat Guy Starting Lineup


Fat Derek Jeter has been blowing up today so a BC fan suggested we put together an all-time fat baseball team. Challenge Accepted. We went through and dug up some of the fattest slobs who have ever donned an MLB uniform.

What we noticed was that the fatty’s tend to be pitchers, first basemen and designated hitters and that it was shockingly tough to find heffers at the catcher position.

Here is the all-time MLB fat guy starting line-up, along with some other fat slobs as honorable mentions. No, fat Derek Jeter didn’t make the list. Until he throws on the pinstripes tipping the scales at 240 we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Busted Coverage’s All-Time Fat Guy Starting Lineup:

Starting Pitcher: Bartolo Colon

Catcher: Bengie Molina

First Base: Mo Vaughn

Second Base: Ronnie Belliard

Third Base: Pablo Sandoval

Shortstop: Jhonny Peralta

Outfield: John Kruk

Outfield: Kirby Puckett

Outfield: Dmitri Young

Designated Hitter: Prince Fielder

Relief Pitcher: Rich Garces

Closer: Bobby Jenks

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