Michigan Loser Jay Feely Paying Off His Bet To Beanie Wells

Jay Feely, who once missed three field goals for the Giants in a playoffs game and was ridiculed via Saturday Night Live, is once subjecting him to a public shaming thanks to Ohio State. It seems that Feely, who kicked at Michigan, had a t-shirt and hat bet with Beanie Wells.

The key to this bet is that Feely had to change his Twitter avatar to the above display of OSU love.

Of course he’s pissed off.

Yes I realize that, one more day RT @Douglasx3@jayfeely your shirt and hat are #GodAwful! #GoBlue

To all my Michigan followers please forgive the new avatar: Paying off my debt to @BeanieWells26

If you’ve never seen the Feely SNL skit, it’s a classic, minus the Dane Cook part.

As for how Feely is spending his time with the OSU avatar, he’s still railing against Obama/Socialists and studying wind patterns for this week’s game on the road at The Meadowlands. What a life.

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