Is Fat Derek Jeter Really That Fat? [PHOTOS]


The NY Post has gone all-in today on Fat Derek Jeter. The tabloid has a single photo of Jeter strolling around Miami, wearing a walking boot and looking quite bloated. Jeter, rehabbing from an October ankle surgery, seems to have lost considerable arm definition and hasn’t touched a salad in months.

The Post reports:

According to general manager Brian Cashman, Jeter has been in a non-weight bearing situation and will continue to be until January. That means if he has been able to work out at all, it has been limited to upper body because he can’t put any weight on his left foot.

What exactly has this guy been up to since the surgery? We know he’s been hanging at Panera possibly getting bloated on asiago cheese bagels.

Have you spotted Fat Derek Jeter in the wild? Have you spotted Fat Derek Jeter eating Olive Garden breadsticks? We want to hear your story.

Ciccio’s Water is a Tampa restaurant specializing in “California Cuisine.”

And this is from a waitress at the Rock-N-Sports Bar & Grill in Tampa’s Ybor City.

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