Happy Bama Couple Getting Married Today At Madison County, Alabama Courthouse [UPDATE]


Our old friend, and Huntsville, Alabama TV reporter, Nick Lough was sitting outside the Madison County courthouse this afternoon minding his own business when Roll Tide walked up wearing these sweet Bama jerseys. Lough, being the inquisitive reporter he is, started asking questions. It turns out that the Bama fans were on their way to get married by the guy who marries you in Madison County.  (John Parker Wilson wore #14 at Bama.) According to Lough:

“They didn’t tell me their names. She said he surprised her with the bouquet today. They claim to be huge Bama fans.”

That’s not just any bouquet, that’s a houndstooth bouquet.

“I wished them congrats and they answered with Roll Tide…they even had me take a pic from their phone.”

The logical follow-up question: Where is the honeymoon? Lough didn’t get to ask that before the couple walked in to get married, but he promises to get full details when they emerge a married couple. That’s right, Lough is live tweeting a Bama couple getting married before the SEC championship. It brings a tear to my eye. UPDATE: Lough talked to the couple after they exited the courthouse and can confirm that the guy’s name is Tracy and his bride is Noelle. “They were planning on getting married in the spring but decided they couldn’t wait any longer,” Lough reports. [@NickLough]

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