Guy Gets Hammered While Watching Oregon-Oregon State Game, Nearly Plunges Truck Off Overpass [PHOTOS]


Meet Matthew Hamilton. He owns a sweet black eye after nearly plunging his truck onto a suburban Portland, Oregon highway after getting drunk while watching Saturday’s Oregon-Oregon State game at a friends house. How drunk was Hamilton when they pulled him from his ride?

Only 6-times the legal limit.

According to NWCN:

The driver who crashed into the railing on the Southwest Denney Road overpass and was stuck dangling over Highway 217 for over an hour had been drinking at a friend’s house in Beaverton during the Civil War game, police said.

Matthew Hamilton, 34, of Beaverton had a blood alcohol content of .5 percent, which is more than 6-times over the legal limit, when he crashed through the guardrail. He was trapped hanging over the highway for nearly an hour before rescuers saved him around 3:40 p.m. on Saturday.

“A .50 blood-alcohol content is very high. In my career, I have never seen that nor have I ever heard of anyone having a blood-alcohol content that high and still being able to be talking and communicating,” said officer Mike Rowe with the Beaverton Police Department.

We’re still efforting whether Hamilton is a Beavers or Ducks fan. As for his mugshot, it’s one for the scrapbook. If you’re going to go hard during the Civil War, just don’t run your ride off an overpass. Maybe call a taxi.

From the Beaverton Police Department:

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