BREAKING: Les Miles “Agress” To Contract Extension, ESPN Intern Looking For New Job [Morning Twitpics]


BC reader Brett sent this to us last night: “Is agress French?,” he asked. Not that I know of, but I’m no expert on the creole language. Imagine you only need to spell eight words correctly as news is “breaking” about Les Miles signing a new contract. Seems easy enough to me.

As for that Kris Humphries shoving match last night, look what Kardashian’s ex dropped on Twitter after the game. If the NBA career doesn’t work out, douchebag can always go to work at ESPN. Sweet scratches, chief.

Speaking of the Humphries-Rondo quasi-brawl, the NY Post was all over it. Don’t forget, Humphries barely touched Garnett.

In NFL news, you get Saints-Falcons tonight on NFL Network. Besides Jared Allen ($21,000) getting fined less than Suh ($30,000) for trying to end a guy’s life, the league has been relatively quiet this week. That means I’ve had time to watch 10-second corn-eating videos.

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