Blonde Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Successfully Jump A Car Battery!

Our love for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders just took a giant step to the next level after learning that Brittney Schram and Holly Arielle successfully jumped a car battery last night – by themselves.

Schram tweeted last night:

Excited to say that I just successfully jumped a car w/ @DCC_Holly all on our own! So I’m like basically a mechanic now

While most of you meatheads don’t think blonde NFL cheerleaders can tie their shoes, let’s just stop and think about this for a minute. The ladies figured out where the battery was located. They figured out where the jumper cables were located and then they picked the right place to attach the jumper cables without getting killed.


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Brittney Schram   Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader   Part-Time Mechanic   [@DCC_Brittney]

Holly Arielle   Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader   Part-Time Mechanic Asst   [@DCC_Holly]