World’s Largest Biceps Guy Defends Giant Guns [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


Bicep freakshow Moustafa Ismail became famous this year for his Guinness Book of World Record guns. Now the dude with 31-inch pipes is defending his arms in this interview with the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper.

Ismail says he has taken tests to prove that he doesn’t have implants and this is all natural. He also tells viewers how difficult it is to buy shirts. Imagine that.

According to the Telegraph:

Moustafa Ismail’s eye-popping biceps and triceps are a result of a punishing workout regime that began after a guest at his uncle’s wedding mocked his overweight frame in his native Egypt.

More than a decade later, the 24-year-old bodybuilder says he was surprised by recognition in the 2013 edition of the Guinness World Records as owner of the largest upper-arm muscles on earth.

Besides, Ismail said, he recently travelled to Tokyo, he appeared in a Fuji TV documentary programme during which independent physicians collected blood samples from him and subjected his massive muscles to X-Ray and ultrasound tests to determine whether there were artificial elements there.

The guy now lives in outside Boston and is giving curling fanatics a bad rap. Oh, and you can totally get bicep implants (link semi-NSFW).

Moustafa’s arms look totally natural to us.

[Bodybuilder sets record for world’s biggest arms – Telegraph]

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