Texas A&M Cougar Serenades Johnny Football With YouTube Masterpiece [VIDEO]


Making YouTube videos…yet another thing Texas A&M is better at than Arkansas! This lady brings the fire for all 2:26 seconds of this video in what is a truly heartwarming serenade to Heisman hopeful Johnny Manziel. Alright, that might not be the most accurate assessment of this video, but are we wrong in calling this lady a cougar? Sure she comes off as creepy throughout the song, but would you kick this Aggie MILF out of bed?

By the looks of YouTube commenters we aren’t alone. Here is a quick sample of the best comments on the video:

I’d hit it … two beers. Has to be a microbrew though… Dogfish Head preferably. 9%.

Are you kidding me? I’d destroy that completely sober! I’d just need a gag so she can’t talk.

Kind of a… Milf?

Damn it, she’s wearing a ring. *Puts head down and walks away*

So what do you think? MILF, or does the fact that she says she feels a “tingle when the football flies” scare you off?

[h/t Buzzfeed Sports]

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