Kevin Garnett Flop Starts Rajon Rondo Vs. Kris Humphries Shoving Match [VIDEO]


And you guys wonder why I hate the NBA. Sure, it’s great to see Rajon Rondo shove Kris Humphries into the stands because Humphries is a complete douche who deserves to get his ass kicked by the entire Celtics team.

However, let’s at least look at why Rondo started shoving Kardashian’s ex. Kevin Garnett drives, is starting to fall backwards and it looks like douchebags left arm grazes KG. The guy starts flopping around like a fat carp and the shoving begins.

Aren’t they warning, then fining floppers this year? My entire Powerball winnings says Stern won’t say a damn thing about that flop. Not a word.

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