Allison Stokke & Alex Morgan Attend Counting Crows Concert [PHOTOS]


Remember pole vaulter Allison Stokke? Remember Alex Morgan? Of course you do.

Stokke is the California teen who became one of the most searched athletes of 2007 after the Internet, specifically Matt Ufford then at With Leather, posted a photo of Stokke and the craze was born. The Washington Post even ran a piece on how the 18-year-old high schooler was dealing with being an Internet sensation.

When Busted Coverage was founded in late 2007 we did our fair share of Stokke pageview grabs, eventually posting her first Cal pole vaulting photo. The school would eventually pull her photos from the university’s sports site because the photos were being posted across the Internet.

She was huge.

And then Stokke figured out a way to disappear from the Internet. There were random Halloween photos here and there, but not a substantial presence. The years passed by, Stokke finished school and failed to qualify for the Olympics.

It seemed that Ms. 2007 would fade into Internet history.

And then she wore this to a Sunday Counting Crows concert with her friend, and U.S. soccer hero, Alex Morgan. You might remember that Morgan played soccer at Cal.

And then we figured out that Stokke has quietly been going about her business on Twitter (@astokkepv)and Instagram. From what we’ve learned via her tweets, it seems Stokke is still a pole vaulter and spent the summer traveling Europe for competitions. She even mentions one meal of “zebra, camel, ostrich, and antelope hamburgers.”

As for the anonymity, once you start hanging out with Alex Morgan, who tweeted this photo of girls’ night out, you go back to being important on the Internet.

(We see those beer bottles. It’s like the Internet’s dream becoming reality. Two huge names joining forces.)

Welcome back, Stokke. We’ve missed you and need you. Don’t go away.

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