Knicks Bros Bro Out Last Night In Brooklyn At Barclays Center [GIF]


Remember those Lakers bros from last week’s game against Houston? Well we have the East Coast’s douchier response to those guys…the Knicks Bros. Somehow these morons landed prime seats for last nights match-up between the Knicks and Nets at the Barclays Center.

You have your typical New York bro on the left rocking the jersey with nothing underneath, showing the ladies what his triceps bring to the plate. Then…we have the bro on the right. This guy is the ultimate bro, complete with douchy mannerisms and the awful tilted hat that hasn’t been cool since the 90’s.

The Knicks lost 96-89 in overtime, but the real story is this bro. The big question after last night is: Who is the bro-ist NBA fan we’ve seen so far this season, Knicks bro or Lakers bro?

[h/t @CJZero]

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