Eagles Fan Falls Victim To The Upside Down Jeremy Maclin Jersey Sales Trick [Morning Twitpics]

We’re told by Philly fans that this is what happens when you buy your football jersey in the parking lot before a game. Anyway, this guy is one day closer to no Andy Reid, no Michael Vick, and a top-5 draft pick. Carolina walked into the Linc on Monday Night Football and won, 30-22, which ties Philly with Carolina for the worst record in the NFC.

(via @cranekicker)

As for your Tuesday morning NY Post covers, it was all about the first visit by the Knicks to play in Brooklyn. Again, someone wake me up in April.

Who’s in the mood for some ESPN fails? Ever hear of Ray Lews? Yeah, he’s a hall of famer, according to ESPN.


That’s not how you spell Adderall.


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