Watch This Giant Pee Wee Running Back Truck Tiny Defensive Back [VIDEO]


We’re never a fan of bashing kids here at BC but this video was too good to ignore. There is literally no way the running back is the same age as these other kids, right? He takes the hand-off and hits the hole harder than anything and just runs over a safety who looks to be outweighed by a good 60-70 pounds.

Something is off with this video and we want to know more. Where is this game being played? How old are the players supposed to be? How old is the running back? Did the safety encur any concussion like syndromes? Too many questions and not enough answers.

P.S. This kid has nothing on big Isaiah Stokes, the 6’8″ eighth grader.

Were you at the game? Did you nephew get trucked by an oversized pee-wee football player? We want to know.

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