Whipped Vikings Fan Takes Easy Way Out, Proposes To Bears Fan Girlfriend After Bears Touchdown [VIDEO]


There must be something in the water by Soldier Field this year. First we had the Bears fans getting married in a truck bed in the parking lot, now this…a couple of lovebirds got engaged on Sunday in section 151 of Soldier Field. There are a few snap reactions that we had to this video, the first being that the bro is a Vikings fan. What kind of man proposes to his girlfriend in the stadium of a team that he hates? That has to be totally emasculating, right? Would a 49ers fan ever propose to his Raiders girlfriend in the Black Hole? Hell no.

Also food for thought, would the Bears faithful have been as friendly and cheerful had the score been reversed? If the Vikings were blowing out the Bears there is no chance the fans would be hooting and hollering like they were. The top YouTube comment comes from user¬†antiincumbent: “I hope he has an iron clad prenup and a good Jewish lawyer.”

P.S. The guy filming this should’ve cut this video about 30-seconds earlier. There was far too much awkward smiling and posing towards the end of this video. Wrap it up bro.

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