Roll Tide! This Bama Fan Wanted For Grabbing Mobile Jogger’s Breasts

Attention, ladies of Mobile, there is a Bama fan on the loose who might try to grab your breasts, according to Alabama police. The man seen above wearing his Bama hoodie, is wanted for questioning by Mobile police for an Saturday morning incident that has locals on edge.


The MPD is asking the public to help identify the man they say grabbed a woman’s chest as she ran along a sidewalk near Grelot Road and Knollwood Drive Saturday morning around 9 a.m.

Police say the man, wearing a University of Alabama sweatshirt, groped the woman’s chest then ran to a black vehicle and drove away.

We reached out to Alabama TV reporter Nick Lough who usually keeps us abreast on Bama fans being arrested. Since he works in Huntsville, news of the Bama Jogger had yet to reach his desk.

Lough (@NickLough) tells us, “I wish he would have had on some houndstooth socks to complete the ensemble.”

Can I get a Roll Tide?

Do you know the Bama Boob Grabber? Let’s bust his ass before he tries to pull off something a little more extreme the morning of the SEC championship. Scared to turn on your Bama buddy? We’ll gladly turn in this scumbag.