Former WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet Debuts Bikini Line [10 PHOTOS]


Maryse Ouellet…now that is a name we haven’t heard in a while! We’ve been huge fans of Maryse since her days as a WWE Diva, so you can only imagine how excited we were to hear about these new bikini photos. The French Canadian beauty has been out of the limelight since her release from the WWE back in 2011. Why they would drop someone that looks like this from the roster is another mystery of the modern-day WWE that we’ll never get to the bottom of.

On top of her sexy bikini line we’re also happy to hear that she is making occasional appearances on the independent wrestling circuit. The more Maryse the better! Check out ten sexy photos of  Maryse sporting her bikini line, House Of Marysebelow.

[Images via Hollywood Tuna]

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