Browns-Steelers Muni Lot Tailgating Highlighted By Pontiac G6 Car Fire [VIDEO]


How about we let Browns fan (see video below) breakdown yesterday’s car fire in the Muni Lot: “(If it was a Steelers fan’s car) I wouldn’t piss on it to put it out. I’d find more gas to pour on it.”

And with that, we’re reminded that Browns fans are the Alabama fans of the NFL, minus the success on the field to cheer for.

What we have here, according to boots on the ground, is a Pontiac G6 being destroyed after charcoal was put on trash next to the car. You know what happens next.

Looks like someone needed a ride home.

Is this your G6? Did your car catch on fire at the Browns-Steelers tailgate? We want to hear how you got home.


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