Guy Watching Ohio State-Michigan Game Blasted By AK-47 Rounds [VIDEO]

Welcome to central city Toledo, Ohio where you never know when AK rounds will pierce the side of your dump while you try to watch the Ohio State-Michigan game.

Please notice how the one homeboy says Rick Hicks was hit by AK rounds as Ohio State scored a touchdown.

According to the Toledo Blade, those shots rang out at around 2:12 p.m. We’ve pegged that play as the second quarter Corey Brown 14 yard pass from Braxton Miller. The other OSU touchdown came early in the first quarter, which would’ve been too early for the 2:12 AK rounds.

No word which team Hicks was rooting for. Also, please note the different professional teams represented in this story: Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, New England Patriots.

As for the dude who says his name is Mike Douglas, that sure looks like Shaun Crowley (also in the report) who has been arrested a time or two.


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