This Florida Woman Arrested For Stealing Golf Clubs Is Also 2nd Grade Teacher! [Cuff ‘Em]

Understandably it’s a slow day for arrests within the sports world since the crazies were busy eating turkey and passing out on a bed bug infested couch.

However, Florida can always come through with gem.


Amy Alvarado, 42, who teaches second grade at an elementary school in Haines City, drove her boyfriend, 30-year-old Brian Fideau, of Winter Haven, to a Winter Haven neighborhood where he exited the car, ran into the open garage and stole a golf bag filled with clubs worth over $2,500,¬†according to a news release from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Alvarado¬†later ‘fessed up to stealing the clubs and told deputies they went to Play It Again Sports in Winter Haven, where she sold the clubs for $180.00, signing a form stating that she was the owner of the property, the affidavit stated.

Again, that woman above was teaching 2nd grade children. Looks like a meth addict to us, but what do we know. Here’s Fideau’s mugshot in 2011. Look at that face!

If your child goes to Eastside Elementary in Polk County, Florida, you might want to check the criminal background on his/her teacher.

[Teacher, 42, and boyfriend, 30, accused of swiping golf clubs]

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