Hey, Fox, We Want To See Pam Oliver’s Legs, Too! [PHOTOS]


During yesterday’s broadcast of the Redskins-Cowboys game we noticed something was a bit off with how FOX was treating the two sideline reporters. Erin Andrews and Pam Oliver were both reporting and got significant face time…but in totally different ways. Every time Andrews was shown, we were treated to a full body shot, showcasing her leather pants and sexy little boots. As for Pam Oliver? Face shot only! What’s the deal Fox? We want a full body shot of Pam. We want to see what she is bringing to the table!

The difference in camera shots was blatantly obvious. Every single time Pageviews was on screen we were given a great shot of her, scandalous pose and all. We weren’t the only ones to notice. @eclectik tweeted: “Erin Andrews on TV lookin like she wants it.”.

Trust us…we aren’t complaining about the extra exposure for Pageviews. She was looking as good as ever and she knew it. Her confidence was at an all-time high and we loved it. Which brings us back to our original point…why no love for Pam Oliver? Check out this photo tweeted by @IAmAlbino which shows the difference between how FOX showed Andrews and Oliver:

We’re not saying Pam is in Erin’s league…because she’s not, but it just seems a bit odd that they blatantly treated these two so differently. Time for FOX to give Pam some love! Full leg shots for everyone! Here’s to hoping this becomes a trend. Your move ESPN. Lets see some leg shots of Samantha Steele and Jenn Brown.

Here are the top tweets of football fans getting in the Thanksgiving spirit for Erin and Pam:

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