Michelle Jenneke Doing The Dougie; Hurdler Invades U.S. [VIDEO]


Your favorite hip shaking Australian hurdler, Michelle Jenneke, has landed on U.S. soil for a press tour and it took her around 24 hours to do the Dougie on camera. That action starts at 3:20. The rest of the video, uploaded yesterday, is worthless.

No track athlete not participating at the Olympics had a bigger 2012 thanks to a race routine than Jenneke. She arrived in L.A. on November 16 and seems to be making her way from Internet company to Internet company looking to create some new buzz.

The problem: How do you duplicate or out-buzz the race routine GIF? Date one of the Lakers? One of the Clippers?

Wait, speaking of the Lakers, Jenneke in October dropped some intentions on this U.S. trip.

She also got Americanized by opening up a Twitter account – ‏@MJenneke93 – where you can offer to take her to In & Out Burger for an Animal Style while she’s here in the States.

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