Jack Taylor’s NCAA Record 138 Points Was Amazing & Planned Performance


Mercenary: influenced by greed or desire for gain. Grinnell basketball player Jack Taylor wasn’t a greedy mercenary last night when he dropped an NCAA record 138 points on Faith Baptist Bible. He was a chosen mercenary. Taylor was handpicked by coaches hellbent on snapping NCAA records in an ego-grab game with the ambition to get the school on SportsCenter.

And we know this because the student broadcasters working last night’s game spelled out the gameplan minutes into the broadcast.

Yes, we’re well aware that Grinnell has led college basketball in scoring 17 out of 19 seasons. Yes, we’re aware they play a “let the other team miss layups and we’ll shoot 3s” offense/defense.

The basketball team’s main goal is to gain headlines by picking on a school like Faith Baptist Bible (winless) that isn’t even an NCAA team.

It’s not that Taylor didn’t catch fire in this game. The final few minutes of his performance are outstanding. But, how was Jack able to muster the lift to nail those 3s? He rarely passed half court to play defense.

Watch and listen:

You can watch the full replay – HERE.

As our friend @burnSTYLEr points out:

The announcer actually said that Grinnell will look on their schedule for their weaker opponents and do everything they can to run up the score and break records. This is all within the game plan. One tactic the announcer mentioned was called “The Bomb Squad”. If Grinnell’s opponent gets into the double bonus, Grinnell will sub in five freshmen players, foul their opponent immediately once the ball is in play, send them to the line, then sub the freshmen players out to put their scorers back in on offense. This takes almost no time off the clock, giving their starters as many offensive possessions as possible. To win the game? No, not necessarily. To break records.

BC Observations:

• If you don’t understand that this was planned, shame on you.

• Grinnell stopped playing defense once the game was out of reach for Faith. As you’ll see, Faith’s leading scorer, David Larson, would just go deep and make layups. He finished with 70 points on 34-44 shooting. Plenty of high-percentage shots made.

• Jack Taylor had 0 assists. Again, he’s not being a ball hog. That was the gameplan.

• How must Griffin Lentsch, the previous D-III single-game scoring record holder feel that his teammate was chosen to break his mark?

• The Grinnell students cheer when Faith scores quick baskets.

• Great student broadcasters. The lead guy has a bright future.

• Why didn’t Faith just hold the ball to not let Taylor get the record?

• Let’s not forget that Taylor still had to make 52 field goals and go to class this morning.

• Taylor should sorta feel proud of his accomplishment. He listened to his coaches and shot the ball. At some point he had to be advised to not play defense. That’s deplorable for the school and for an athlete.

• Grinnell accomplished its mission. They can now go away.

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