OSU-Michigan Week: Just Brutus Buckeye Slalom Water Skiing [VIDEO]


Glenn R. in Ohio sent an angry-ish email this afternoon: “Best f***ing water skiing mascot in college football. Oh yea Michigan can kiss my ass.”

Since Michigan doesn’t have a mascot to compete in the water skiing battle between the schools, OSU wins this round.

According to the uploader:

Brutus Buckeye shows off one of his many skills on a fun day out on the lake with OSU’s Water Ski Club!

Just unbelievable talent from Brutus. Going slalom is one thing. Going one-foot slalom with the other foot on the handle is taking things to a whole new level. How does this video not make SportsCenter by tomorrow morning? HOW?

And you want big air from Brutus? Here we go – 1:30 mark.

Your move, Michigan.


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